Spikeball™ Pro Kit

What's New?

  • 33% stronger legs and rims give you a more consistent experience every time you play
  • Inverted colors let you stand out from the rest.
  • A newly designed ball allows you to strategically add spin to your hits in ways you've never done before.
  • An official serving line mentally prepares you for competitive tournaments. 
  • A portable ball pump and gauge will keep your ball's pressure exactly how you want it.

Here is your one-way ticket to the big leagues. We put our ears to the ground and listened to what the community wanted to see next. There was a resounding response: The Spikeball® Pro Kit. Players asked to take their game to the next level and it's safe to say that now they can. This set is the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics:

The Spikeball Pro Set includes:

  • Spikeball Pro net
  • 2 Spikeball Pro balls
  • Official serving line
  • Portable ball pump and gauge
  • Backpack


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