Standard 3 Ball Kit 3-Pack

This online-only discount includes the Standard Kit product but 3 times more fun! 

Intense. Competitive. Fun. Spikeball is played 2 on 2 with rules kinda/sorta like volleyball. As our friends at UrbanDaddy wrote, “A taut Hula Hoop-sized net is placed at ankle level between a pair of two-player teams.” 


3 Spikeball Kits 

9 Spikeball Balls (3 balls per Spikeball Kit)

3 Carrying Bags (1 bag per Spikeball Kit)

3 Stickers (1 sticker per Spikeball Kit)

3 Instruction Manuals (1 rmanual per Spikeball Kit)

3 Ball Pump Needles (1 needle per Spikeball Kit)

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