“I cannot remember a time when an activity has motivated our students to achieve moderate to vigorous physical activity in such a fun, educational way. Spikeball™ gets all the students so pumped to play. They come in and see it laid out and they get so excited and swarm to the nets. Before they know it they are moving, smiling and spiking the ball! 
Joe McCarthy (@JoeMcCarthy09) - 2012 MN Elementary PE TOY 
“We have introduced Spikeball™ to many new teachers at a recent professional development session. It was a wild scene as they became active immediately, started creating adaptations for all levels of play. Spikeball™ has a wow factor from the start! Spikeball™ now moves to the top of the leader board for new and innovative sports for active play."
Mike LeMerise - Michigan AHPERD Preseident
"Spikeball™ is the hottest activity we have going for our NW Minnesota "Get Moving" PEP grant! The students love Spikeball™ so much! We have even had family nights and everyone had a blast!Up in the Midwest where the winters are cold and the summers are pleasantly warm we need activities that can be played both indoors and outside. Spikeball™ is the perfect solution!"
Lois Mauch - Project Director for W-A-O PEP Grant
"Every few years a great product explodes on to the physical education and recreation market. This time it is Spikeball™! It’s game for all ages and abilities that stimulates the “player” in all of us. The games is simple to set up, easy to learn and challenges players on all levels. Spikeball™ can be used indoors or out, on the beach, lawn, gym or playground. I love the game! The fact that it includes levels of play for all abilities, skills and talents is a plus for the teachers and recreational professionals that use this game in their curriculum. There are lead-up activities, striking skills, strategies and team play all in one game. If you have not tried it as a player or used it as a teacher, now is the time."
John L. Smith - 1989 NASPE National TOY
"Using Spikeball™ as a small-sided game allows me to build progressions from simple sending and receiving skills to complex decision making skills on a 360 degree playing area. The 4 R's - read, respond, react, recover - skills common in TGfU net and wall games, are easy to experience and teach. Spikeball™ has something for every age, grade and development level. Watch your students grow alongside Spikeball™."
Monica Moran (monz_4) - HPE Teacher