Curriculum and Resources

We want to make bringing Spikeball™ and the sport of roundnet into your class as easy as possible! Here are some incredible resources that can help make your life as a teacher a whole lot easier!



 Spikeball™ Curriculum Guide (PDF) Spikeball™ Curriculum Video Lessons

Spikeball™ Curriculum Guide (WORD)



    Roundnet - Grades 6-8                      Roundnet - Grades 9-12




        SpikeSchool Videos                                   SpikeSchool Exam


       SpikeSchool Drills                             Spikeball™ Station / Skill Cards



   Spikeball™ Rookie Videos               Spikeball™ Station / Skill Cards Videos       




 Spikeball™ Rookie Resources                               Modifications 



      Spikeball™ Tabata                              Spikeball™ Exercise Descriptions