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Why Spikeball™?

At Spikeball Inc. we pride ourselves on the limitless possibilities for how and where this beautiful game can be played. Skill level, ability, location, and playing surface are merely ingredients in an epic concoction of physical education fun, creativity, and competition.

When you bring a Spikeball™ set to your class you are not just getting rim pieces, leg pieces, a net, balls, and a carry bag. (OK, you are getting that!) You are also getting a dependable, maintenance-free, creative, skill-building game that will change the landscape of competition, cooperation, and development in your class forever. 

Spikeball™ can be played anywhere. Grass, hard-wood, black-top, turf, sand, and snow - it does not matter! Have impatient students that get out of the locker room too quickly? Spikeball™ is the perfect play-anywhere instant activity that will get your students to rush to get to class first.

Looking for the next great physical education unit? #JoinTheMovement and look no further than Spikeball™.



Give Us The Facts!

Our goal is to make implementing this beautiful game into your class as easy as possible. The camaraderie, energy, physical activity, and skill building you will see from your students when playing the game together are tangible, but here are a few tangible facts to make sure you know we have your back here at Spikeball Inc.:

Lifetime Warranty. In the unlikely case of a broken set, we'll cover the cost and send you a new piece. Note: our five yellow legs are spring loaded and pop right back into place should a student land on the set.

Low Cost for Schools: $49 (includes: Spikeball™ set, 3 balls, needle for air, directions, carry bag)

Free Curriculum:  Our Education Specialist has created a 10-day curriculum to help teach your students everything they need to know to improve their skills. It also comes with videos to go along with each lesson that have audio, visual, and written information so that all of your different types of learners can uptake the information as best as possible.

Check out the 10-day curriculum HERE!