SpikePack Black

**The SpikePack does NOT come with a Spikeball set.

The new and improved SpikePack is here. Improvements include an additional side pocket, new zipper ties, and a sleek black design.åÊYes, of course it holds a Spikeball set (Does not come with a Spikeball set. Order the Combo Meal!), but it also doubles as your day to day, go-to backpack. Ditch that backpack that only holds books and your laptop. åÊThis beauty will allow you to be properly prepared the next time you skip class. Never be caught without a Spikeball set again. åÊ

The SpikePack has TONS of room for your laptop, books, papers, pens, and whatever else it is that people like you carry around. åÊ

  • The side ball pocket comfortably holds 3 balls but you could probably squeeze a 4th in there if things get dicey.
  • The 'banana bag' on the other side holds all 5 rim pieces. åÊ
  • See that littleåÊzipper near the top of the bag? åÊThat little guy holds the net.
  • The small front pocket holds pens, chargers, keys, and other contraband.
  • The middle front pocket holds all 5 legs. åÊ
  • The cavernous GIGANTO pocket has enough room for a laptop, tons of books, fireworks, pocket knives, and ninja stars.
  • You see that black pocket on the front straps? åÊThat's a cell phone pocket. åÊNo detail is too small.åÊ

**The SpikePack does NOT come with a Spikeball set.

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